The Entourage Effect is a phenomenon that establishes how and why the cannabis plant can provide such an incredible array of benefits. Cannabis plants consist of a wide variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids and sugars that collectively create a synergistic effect. It is the combination of these components in varying levels that provide overwhelming medical gains.

It is this synergy that we believe doesn’t stop at cannabis, but spans across many other modalities. In the same way, we recruit and deploy targeted specialists to provided unparalleled services to our cannabis clients.

The Entourage Effect was founded by Jason Stark in 2015. Jason is a graduate of the University of Florida with a master’s in Business Management. After having worked in Human Resource Management, large-scale Textile Manufacturing and textile consulting, he decided to embark into the world of cannabis.

Arriving in Colorado in 2014, the industry was in process of implementing its new Recreational Program. Jason took a grass roots approach to learning about this industry. Through partner companies, he afforded himself an internship which allowed for in depth exposure to the facets of each department. Over the course of a year, Jason had a direct role in Cultivation Operations, Retail Operations and Extraction Operations. During this time he had a hand in every function of each of these areas. Through these experiences, Jason further refined his understanding of manufacturing operations, legal restrictions, compliance requirements, sourcing struggles and quality control methodology.

Furthering his reach, Jason spent time conducting seminars throughout the country to better educate the public on products, applications and general information regarding the cannabis industry. At this time, Jason realized that there was an outstanding lack of knowledge and experience leading operations throughout the cannabis space.

Since then, Jason has helped launched and run a number of companies in the cannabis industry, helping them to realize significant successes in Brand Development, Product Launches, Process Improvements / Refinement, Targeted Cultivation Operations and Licensing / Expansion Efforts both nationally and internationally. Through these efforts, he has afforded himself a network of professionals that have assisted in all of these function successfully.

Today, Jason runs The Entourage Effect consulting practice to best offer the cannabis industry premium services to provide solutions to its clients. It is with this knowledge and network of qualified professionals that The Entourage Effect is best suited to address your short and long-term needs.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

Infused Products Manufactured
Lbs of Cannabis Extracted with Clients
Hours Spent Directly with Cannabis

Meet The Team

Kaitlin Hollister
Kaitlin HollisterMarketing Coordinator
As owner and creative director of Stand Creative, a Marketing Firm with a team of graphic designers, photographers and website developers, she has been providing clients nationally with quality marketing services. Jason and Kaitlin have worked together on a number of marketing projects over the last 2 years and continue to provide the cannabis industry with tailored marketing services to best aid companies in this non-traditional marketing landscape.
Graphic Design 93%
Web Development 86%
Advertising 92%
Social Media Marketing 98%
Britton MurphyExtraction Tech
Originally from California, Britton moved to Colorado in 2011 to explore the legal cannabis industry. Since then he afforded himself extensive training in areas of retail and extraction. Britton is experience in Hydrocarbon Extraction, Ethanol Extraction, Distillation Refinement and Isolation.
Hydrocarbon Extraction 96%
Ethanol Extraction 85%
Isolation 80%
CRC Technology 75%
Laura SankeyBranding and Business Strategist
Laura Sankey, a business woman with a passion for people, ideas, and sound strategy, has found success throughout her career in a variety of industries and companies. Sankey began her career in brand building and marketing strategy at Procter & Gamble. She spent 13 years at Coors Brewing Company working on nearly every brand in the Coors portfolio, as well as having oversight for the Sponsorship, Market Research, Guest Relations, Meeting and Events and Corporate Communications departments. She moved to become Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Qwest Communication (now Century Link). In 2008, Sankey took the top sales and marketing job with the Green Bay Packers.
Business Strategy 94%
Branding 95%
Team Dynamics 89%
Brennan Murphy
Brennan MurphyPhD Chemist
Brennan Murphy was born and raised in Southern California where he developed
his interests in science and technology. Briefly entertaining a premedical education in college,
he redirected his studies to synthetic organic chemistry, graduating with honors in 2013.
His masters thesis focused on the synthesis of antinociceptive and antiparasitic drug substances
which culminated in five peer-reviewed primary scientific publications and one patent.
In 2015 he began his PhD on the total synthesis of novel antibiotics for the advancement of
peptidoglycan growth and death dynamics models. Brennan has been working with The Entourage Effect since 2018, providing the Cannabis industry with unitque insights to chemical processes.
Synthetic Organic Chemistry 100%
Drug Substances 95%
CPC Technologies 89%
Analytical HPLC 94%

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